Arts Development Manager for Swavesey Village College

Phoebe Monk is the Arts Development Manager for the Swavesey area. Phoebe works part-time and so is not usually available on Wednesdays.

Swavesey Venue

Swavesey Venue offers the opportunity for high quality arts to be accessed by the community on our doorstep. The venue  is programmed by the Community Management Committee, which is made up of local residents, community art groups, artists, school staff and the Swavesey Arts Development Manager.

The venue hosts a broad range of events including concerts, dance shows, film screenings, comedy and drama – and that’s just for starters! Swavesey Venue welcomes touring productions, conferences and coporate hires. Contact the Swavesey Arts Development Manager if you require further information or if you would like to be kept up to date with arts events in the Swavesey area. See the events page to see what’s on at Swavesey Venue. You can also keep up to date with events and news via Swavesey Venue on Facebook.

Swavesey Music School

The Swavesey Music School aims to provide students of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to learn the language of music and use it appropriately. By learning in an environment conducive to music making, pupils become comfortable with using a language that will last a lifetime, whether they become professional musicians or lifelong amateur enthusiasts.

The Saturday Sing-up: 9am – 10am (Ages 4 – 12 years)
An excellent way of combining the reading and use of musical theory. All students will join in the ‘Sing-up’ sessions, designed to open the lungs, open the ears and let the spirit soar. This whole approach enables students to mingle with other musicians, providing ensemble experience vital for any aspiring musician.
 Kate’s Kindy: 9am – 10am (Pre-school)
Support your child’s early engagement with music and join Kate Woolf for this fun session full of singing and musical games.
Rockin’ Rhythms: 10am – 11am (4 years upwards)
The basics that make up the musical language  staves, clefs, sharps, flats, note values and all the symbols peculiar to music. By mixing the theory with lively interactions and listening to the theory at work, pupils will be able to create their own tunes from an early stage, building steadily on their musical vocabulary. Classes are arranged in increasing levels of difficulty, catering for all ability levels.
Junior Orchestra: 11am – 12noon (All levels and ages)
Joining together with other musicians to produce a performance is rewarding and exciting at all levels, a time when the ‘sum is greater than its constituent parts’. We are aiming to put together a variety of instrumental groups from beginner through intermediate to advanced. The objective is to provide coaching in the skills of playing together, leading, taking musical decisions and performing. Alongside this, ensembles of any size and instrumentation can come along to play with other musicians – we aim to foster an environment that provides opportunities for all regardless of age, ability, instrument or musical style. All are welcome!
Rock School: 11am – 12 noon (9 years upwards)
Rock School offers an engaging opportunity for young people to develop their musical skills. This session is designed to give rock musicians a taste and feel for the development of Rock Music: music appreciation, performance skills and how to establish and develop your own band.

Swavesey Music School is only £3.50 per session.  For more information please contact Audrey Caldwell at Swavesey Village College or visit the Swavesey Music School website here: the website.

To find out about arts groups in your community check out:


Some community arts organisation with their own websites include:

Swavesey Festival: http://www.swaveseyfestival.org.uk/

Swavesey RADSOC: http://www.swaveseyradsoc.org/

Swavesey Community Choir: http://www.swaveseycommunitychoir.co.uk/

Swavesey Camera Club: http://www.swaveseycameraclub.co.uk/

Over Players: http://www.overplayers.org.uk/

Over Community Singers and Drummers: http://www.overcsd.co.uk/

Over Community Centre (a popular local venue): http://thecentreatover.co.uk/

Over Carnival: http://overcarnival.weebly.com/