About stART

stART – an Arts Association

stART is a loose association which exists to promote the work of the Arts Development Managers working at village colleges in South Cambridgeshire. Currently, the following schools have Arts Development Managers:

  • Sawston Village College
  • Swavesey Village College

Values and Goals

stART has the following artistic and social goals:

Artistic: To increase levels of involvement in the arts by:

  • Attracting more professional arts activity into South Cambridgeshire.
  • Supporting the amateur arts sector in South Cambridgeshire.
  • Supporting the development of creative talent in South Cambridgeshire.

Social: To improve and sustain the quality of life for the people of South Cambridgeshire by:

  • Bringing communities together
  • Building identity
  • Enriching lives
  • Encouraging vitality and well-being
  • contributing to living well together
  • fostering intergenerational relationships
  • contributing to the local economy

The ADMs’ links to Village Colleges help open up spaces for community use and enjoyment, from arts exhibitions in Swavesey to film nights in Sawston.

ADMs offer activities to engage and support young people with festivals, holiday activities, formal accreditation through Arts Award and developing and showcasing talent, as well as creating links to arts and creative industry employers.

ADMs provide employment opportunities for local creative professionals.  Additionally they offer volunteering opportunities and accredited training for those wishing to develop their skills to work in the cultural and leisure industry.