stART Background

Arts Development Managers Working Together

The post of Arts Development Manager (ADM) was created as part of South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Dual-Use Arts Strategy.  The dual use arts framework document, adopted by SCDC in February 2003, means that:

“Certain facilities, equipment and resources used for school curriculum and community education classes are also available, through a formal agreement, to support ongoing programmes of arts activity for the benefit of the district’s residents.”   (Arts Dual Use, 2003:3)

This dual use scheme allowed for the creation of a partnership between the village colleges and the District Council which aimed to secure additional and sustainable arts activity and participation in South Cambridgeshire.  The first ADMs were appointed by Sawston Village College and Melbourn Village College (with Bassingbourn Village College) in 2003.

Today, there are two ADMs in South Cambridgeshire working out of two village colleges.  Village colleges with an ADM are Sawston and Swavesey.

The ADM posts were established as follows:

Sep 2003 First ADMs appointed to Melbourn (with Bassingbourn) and Sawston Village Colleges
2003 Linton Village College joins Sawston VC to share an ADM
2005 ADM appointed to Swavesey Village College
Apr 2006 ADM appointed to Cottenham Village College
Sep 2006 ADMs across the district explore the idea of creating an umbrella organisation to support collaborative working
2007 Bassingbourn VC withdraws from the Melbourn VC partnership to share an ADM
Apr 2007 Impington Village College joins with Cottenham VC to share an ADM
May 2007 ADMs work together on district-wide programmes under the umbrella of ‘stART – supporting arts development’
Jan 2008 ADMs adopt patch-specific branding which links the village colleges to stART
Aug 2008 ADM appointed to Comberton VC
2010-2011 Wysing Arts Centre joins in partnership with Melbourn VC to share an ADM, with the ADM working as Education Development Manager at Wysing one day a week, rising to two days from 2011
2012 The stART tagline is changed from ‘supporting arts development’ to ‘sharing arts | connecting lives’ in order to highlight stART’s role in creating and sustaining local arts networks and the collaborative approach to partnership working
Feb 2013 South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) decides to withdraw from the partnership with village colleges, with funding to cease from the end of July 2013
Feb 2013 ADM posts and continued existence of stART under threat
Feb 2013 SCDC offers one-off payment to support stART through transition process
Apr 2013 The ADM role in Cottenham VC and Impington VC ceases
Apr 2013 Norfolk and Norwich Festival Bridge offers one-off payment to support stART transition
Aug 2013 ADMs no longer working in partnership with SCDC
Sep 2013 Cambourne Village College opens and has Comberton ADM for two days a week
Oct 2013 The ADM post at Swavesey VC becomes part-time
Sep 2013 – Sep 2014 ADMs work on new business plan for stART and set up stART as a Consortium, with senior leaders from the village colleges forming the committee
Sep 2014 – Jan 2015 A consultant is appointed to look at stART and advises that stART should be a loose association existing only to promote the work of the ADMs
Aug 2015 The ADM post at Melbourn VC and Wysing ends
Dec 2015 Linton VC withdraws from sharing an ADM with Sawston VC
July 2016 The ADM post at Comberton VC and Cambourne VC ends