Public Art

About Public Art

The term public art generally refers to works of art in any media that have been planned and executed to be sited or staged in the physical public domain.  The term often signifies a particular working practice, with implications of site specificity, community involvement and collaboration. While there is often a tendency to think of public art as permanent sculpture, it is important to remember that public art is not confined to physical objects.  For example, dance, carnival and street theatre can all be public art.

The Arts Development Managers have worked with South Cambridgeshire District Council, parish councils, developers and their local communities in supporting public art initiatives in their areas.  Some examples of public art projects they have been involved in are given here – please see details below. If you would like to find out if there are any public art projects currently happening in your area, contact your local Arts Development Manager.

Public Arts Projects

Great Shelford

Children at Great and Little Shelford Primary School worked with print artist Mandy Knapp ( to create collograph prints based on local buildings and landmarks. This printwork was then transferred on to part of the hoarding surrounding the development site.

P1050928panels 1 -5panels 6-10

The print project was the first stage in a public art project in Great Shelford which saw Holkham Forge go on to create a dramatic arch entrance for the recreation ground based on the children’s book Tom’s Midnight Garden.

Poster for Arch Opening

Stockbridge Meadows, Melbourn

Stockbridge Meadows has recently been the focal point for a public art project in Melbourn.  To find out more about what this project has involved follow the link here:

Cottenham Village College

Cottenham Village College commissioned artist Wendy Briggs to design a new sculptural marker to be sited at the entrance to the Village College site. The work, which was inspired by the natural environment and by workshops with residents and students, was unveiled in December 2010. The event coincided with a temporary installation which saw the trees wrapped in fabric on which were poems that had been written by primary school children. The project was grant funded by stART, South Cambridgeshire District Council and contributions from Iceni Homes and Interserve.

Linton Village College

Glass artist Clare Sinclair worked with pupils at Linton Village College to make a glass piece for the entrance of the school informed by the archaeological digs whch had taken place before the construction of the new buildings on the school site. The young people also undertook their own test pit excavations as part of a Heritage Lottery funded project and their own findings fed into the work they did with the artist.

IMG_3465 IMG_3498 IMG_3517

Orchard Park

A series of exciting public art projects took place at Orchard Park, a development north of Cambridge city.  Led by artist Kirsten Lavers, you can find out more about these projects by following the link below: