Animated Superhero Smack-Down

Spiderman and Superman have been around for ages, so it’s time for some new Superheroes, and it’s up to you to create them.  Work with an animator to create your Superhero for animating in the Smack-Down arena.

For young people aged 8-16

Movie Match – On your Marks! Get set! Action!

It’s been years since the once successful Movie Producer Mr Bumble had a hit film on his hands. Can you turn his luck around with a fantastic film, planned, shot and edited in one day and rescue ‘Bumble Studios’? Compete against another filmmaking team to win points, and to keep on the right side of Mr Bumble. But this demanding producer won’t make life easy; with various challenges thrown into the mix, ‘Movie Match’ is anything but an easy ride.

For young people aged 8-16 years.

Make Me a Movie Monster!

Design and create your own movie monster, apply the special effects and shoot your own horror film with assistance from a filmmaker and special effects make-up artist. Not for the faint-hearted!

For young people aged 8-16 years.