In The Mood – The Three Belles


In the Mood

In the Mood


In The Mood – The Three Belles bring you their very own 1940s experience night! At this event you can expect to be whisked back in time for a night of nostalgia and fantastic entertainment! 1940s dress code is a must.

Meet Dorothy’s husband Johnny who will be celebrating his first night out on leave, sip our ‘Searchlight’ cocktail at the bar with Gail as she charms the soldiers with her stories of being a WREN, and spend the evening jiving with Betty as she flirtatiously foxtrots the night away!
Lindy Hop your socks off to the sounds of The Three Belles, The Bevin Boys and some fantastic guest acts, including a hilarious comedy sketch inspired by Max Miller! If the siren sounds, you can warm up in the air raid shelter with sing a long songs and Bovril!
Keep calm in that black out, don’t forget your gas mask and come and join us for a jolly good knees up!

Dick Gaughan at Comberton


Dick Gaughan has been a professional musician and singer since Jan 1970. Has been playing guitar since the age of 7 and made his first solo album in 1971. Working mainly in th

e areas now known as “Folk” or “Celtic” music, he has recorded quite exten

sively since then in many countries and in various combinations. Has also worked extensively as a session musician in a wide variety of musical styles.

Was an early member of the band Boys of the Lough and is on their first album and was with the now-legendary Scottish Folk-Rock band, Five Hand
Reel, making 3 albums with them. In the 90s he founded and produced the short-lived but quite extraordinary ensemble Clan Alba